Probably the Consulting Firm in best shape today

A Firm we attend since 2012, now requires to cover different positions in Spain, Europe and Latam as consequence of its progressive organic growth. Nowadays counting with more than 20.000 consultants in 12 countries.

In Spain and Europe:

Project Managers and Managers in the field of Data & Analytics. Namely: Traditional BI, Big Data, Data Governance, Advanced Analytics (ML, DL, NLP, Tex Mining) and Aritificial Intelligence.

Heads of Business Units: Analytics, Data Driven Advisory, Advanced Solutions (IoT, Smart, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality..)

Managers of Digital Architecture, appreciated if willing to attend european scope projects.

In Latam:

Director of Digital Experience Division: Ruling a team of 120 managers and consultants specialized in ECM, Portals, Mobility, CX and Digital Marketing.

Head of Outsoucing Division: Heading the biggest Division in the company with Revenues over $40 millions, 7 directors, more than 20 managers and 1.000 people. This División gathers AM, ITO and QA practices.

Outsourcing Director: Reporting to the Head of Outsourcing, a complete professional with delivery and sales backgrounf to lead big accounts and foster new business in at least one line: AM, ITO or QA.

Director of Innovation: Be the responsible of a Big Showroom Excellence Center where latest innovations are exposed to clients and the market.

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